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Edneyville Elementry School

During my tenure on the board I have been the Vice Chair and the Chair taking on key leadership roles. 

Things that I have accomplished during my tenure are:

  • I worked with Commissioner McCall and Councilwoman Hensley to help implement a program called Safety Around Water for 2nd graders. This program teaches hands-on water safety lessons in the pool partnered with the YMCA. This program is phenomenal and actually saves lives. 

2nd graders in Henderson Co. school district participating in free water safety program | WLOS

  • As chair,  I worked with the county manager and commissioners to allow us to renovate the Stillwell Building and complete Hendersonville High School the way the community wanted it completed. 

  •  I worked with my board to get commissioners to put Edneyville Elementary's new school up higher on the priority list, getting that school completed much sooner than originally prioritized. 

  • I worked with HCPS staff and commissioners to put together a list of the school systems capital expenditures prioritized in order of needs so that commissioners could anticipate expenses before they happened and create a funding stream. 

  • As chair, I worked with the county manager to implement putting a police officer in every school keeping our children safe from outside threats. 

  • I fought endlessly to get students back to face to face instruction in school during the pandemic, and allow parents to have the right to make the decision whether to have THEIR children in a mask. No form of government should make these choices for our children, that is solely a parent's right. 

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